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Nice write up. Sorry to bring this thread back, but i also have a CRD-T box. The box is brilliant. So is the customer service. Only thing that could be improved is the time taken to adjust, but once you find the right map this does not matter.

I find myself alternating between maps 2 and 3, and sticking to +10%. The only time i have had a EML is when I first got it and put it rather eagerly on +30%. Even then the EML only came on on the motorway, accelerating from 70mph+. I noticed driving through normal roads +30% was never a problem in regards to the EML. Oh yeah, and the power was very nice

But I only ever put it on +30% once. Reason being after talking with Andrew i took his advice not to go to +30%. But im just wondering, as i never cleared this exactly with Andrew, if i take it to +30%, and there is no EML, is that still bad?