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COBB AccessPort and DS Manual Mode for Autocross and track

I couldn't get a satisfactory answer anywhere so I went straight to the source. Reposted from FB:

Q: I've looked all over the forums for the optimal setup for autocross/track days and haven't found an answer. I've got a stock 335 xDrive AT N54 with an AccessPORT 4.01 maps. Should I do stock or linear throttle? Before I got my AP, I used DS Manual mode. Should I stick with that or will it mess up the AP throttle maps? Thanks for your help! I love my AP!

A: Stock versus Linear throttle really comes down to personal preference. Many people like the Linear throttle for auto-x and the track because it gives you more pedal modulation for precise input. You can use either transmission mode and they'll all work great with the AP and all of our maps. - Ian

Thanks again Ian!