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Originally Posted by Rubberismoney
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Nice looking car. Which auction are you buying from? I am 20 myself and I had bought an '07 335 myself two years ago, but I paid $9k for the car that was in similar condition. I have also been shopping around for another one, but they all go for approximately the same price. Good luck on your repair, be safe and have fun.
I bought this one from copart. It came from Orlando and I think it was just on an off day considering it went for 2500, plus had mods on it already. Thanks for the support man and good luck on your future rebuilds as well
Thanks. I guess my problem is that I don't look for out of state? How did the shipment on it work? I also tried copart a few times and got screwed over so many times that I try to stay away from it and instead go for iaai, manheim and stuff like that.