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Originally Posted by Prince300 View Post
I ve been making a bit more money lately because I work at 2 additional hospitals to the one I'm primarily employed at. I noticed that I still end up spending a lot and I don't feel that I make any additional amount. How do u manage ur money. What is the best way. Do u guys feel that u r able to save any.

Yo stop blowing all your money. Takes savings of the top of your paycheck not after you spend all your money and are looking to save whats left of your check.

Also stop being fucking lazy and sit down and lay out your finances. I bet you spend more than 60 bucks a week on lunch...... tisk tsik... if you want to have money then you have to save it and not buy bullshit mods for your cars that are worthless in 3 years every other week......

Bottom line stop fucking spending and start fucking saving!