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Anyone can approach any place of business at any point really...As for me, from the bit I know and have learned with respect to procurement in manufacturing, increasing buying power accomplishes impressive results from pricing to the job's priority from the suppliers perspective to quality of work.

So two routes. First, having a company that specializes in these types of projects assume the job for us, like VAC or Dzennos company. Second, applying the theory of constraints based on what we already know is the weakest link, and sourcing a company willing to CNC what we identify as our needs. To me, each could have advantages and disadvantages. I'm willing to do whatever we all decide- I really just want to be able to hit 18-19psi from a brake boosted dig repeatedly without worry for years to come in this car

The first would be easiest and perhaps the best, depending on some factors. I or whoever else wants to can approach VAC or Dzenno with the project, saying that we'll invest towards the transfer case for their company.

I'd still like to see as much demand as possible. Upping the ante will only help our project as far as I'm concerned. Opinions vary.