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Originally Posted by Samurai of 2day View Post
Some people don't realize that certain things like class, respect, honor, discipline and maturity CANNOT be bought.

A Ferrari can be bought by anyone with good credit and steady income however...

What we choose to spend our money on doesn't make us who we are. What we do with the things we have, however grand or insignificant, will define our character.

Disclaimer: Sorry I got all philosophical for a moment... it happens from time to time in my old age when addressing the "younger" members of socitey, lol
This was awesome ^^^ In 23 and totally agree.. You^^^ need to talk to the other guy I quoted LOL.

Originally Posted by Levi View Post
Stupid cop, thinks he is a cow-boy and can do what he wants. I would have pulled a gun an shot him down for touching the tire of my Ferrari with his dirty shoes, then striking on the A-pillar, and opening the door.
He ran over his foot..?? so you want to shoot him..?? Officially the most ignorant comment on here.

"Speed never killed anyone its very important to get that straight, Speed has never killed a soul. Suddenly becoming stationary thats what gets people." - Jeremy Clarkson