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Originally Posted by xjohnx View Post
So I thought I implied my question I'm sorry. To make it clear, what you are saying is that the heated seats and even the relocation kit plug into the head unit somehow? I do not own a e90 yet do I am not familiar with the workings. Do if it's all wired through the head unit I can understand why it would affect the buttons. Otherwise I am still lost. Sorry for sounding naive. I am just bummed because I dont want the car if I can't have heated seats. I'm moving back to NH after living in AZ for a few years. I will need all the heat I can get.
Hi John, sorry if I didn't clarify very well. You mean the future resolution for the unit right? If so, there's no relocation kit needed to plug into the head unit, since the heated seats and hill descent control will be both incorporated into the unit's can bus system, you only need to operate via the buttons on the head unit is OK.

Hope this time is clear