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Originally Posted by ctuna View Post

What you put in will depend on which of the three systems offered
is in your car and if its a coupe or 4 door . It has nothing to do with the Head Unit name. Read the links to find out what you have.

The most base system requires processor or freqeuncy flattening device
The middle system called Hi Fi is easiest to modify
The L7 called the HK or Top Hi Fi is more difficult to modify because
of the fiberoptic connection between the amp and head unit and the number
of channels (9).

BMW stereo types

The difference in sound will depend on what you start with .
It will be big for the first two systems and better than the Top Hi
but it won't be cheap because almost none of the normal Hi Fi
shop stuff fits . The stuff that does fit is really good but not cheap.
Thank you so much ill take a look on this..
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