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Originally Posted by shoptb View Post
The comments on this thread range from humorous to downright insulting. While I would love to see BMW expand their US production, the reasons given in the announcement make a lot of sense given the currency fluctuations in the EuroZone.
This man has it right.

Globalization of production will allow BMW to have a better handle on its FX risk.

Imagine if Germany decides to leave the EuroZone and introduce the DM? It will skyrocket in value, which makes all GM-produced cars go up in price. An E92 M3 starts at something like $85K USD in Germany. If production costs go up rapidly, you can bet that BMW will pass the increases to the customer!

Now, with that being said, it's a bit of a leap saying that BMW will suddenly start making M-cars in Mexico. My guess is that the volumes are small enough such that the Germany will keep M-car production while farming out the lower-end 1 & 3s to Mexico. On the other hand, even if the M3 is made in Mexico, look on the bright side: no more ridiculous 8 weeks from production to delivery. :-)