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I think the main issue is one of balance. Any extreme ideology will usually result in extreme results.... eventually. The Buddha suggested the middle path. In some ways Canada does follow the middle path.

For example - our Medical care is not 100% free. Sure we pay taxes to pay for health care but we also do not cover cosmetic surgery, elective dental work, elective eye care, glasses, outpatient prescriptions etc.

We also do not have a complete ban on firearms like in the UK. I think our firearm laws frequently target the wrong people & some of are laws are just plain dumb but I do like the idea of a safety course, a license, and a background check before one buys a firearm.

We also tend to stay away from foreign wars where we have no interest. Libya was an exception and I did not support that effort because our national interests were not involved. I believe George Washington talked about staying away from permanent alliances & foreign wars. The US wastes a lot of money bombing places when it is not in the national interest of the United States. Why does the US bomb to spread democracy when it is not a democracy itself and is actually a republic? - I believe Benjamin Franklin had something to say on the subject of a Republic. Does the US really need to spend as much money on the war machine? I believe Dwight Eisenhower warned against the Military Industrial Complex.

There are many other examples that I could go over but I think moderation is best when giving example.

In closing - The United States is my favourite foreign country. I love the people, I love the land, and I love your constitution. The US constitution is one of the finest documents I have ever read. I hate to see the people of the US suffering because of the excesses of capitalism & war. I suggest capitalism in moderation combined with socialism in moderation.

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