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Correct Engine oil


I own a BMW 2005 e90 325i auto with about 27k miles on the clock.

I recently had the low oil light come on and I researched oil that I could put in to top up. This resulted in me putting in Penrite 5W-40 oil. It is BMW LL-01 compliant/compatible so this looked fine to put in.

Subsequently, when I slow down to stop, I can feel the car changing down gears sometimes when it stops. This feels like a little bump in the car, nothing too significant but it is new. Also, when I am reversing or going forward very slowly, it feels like the car is trying to pull off. it revs up and down a little bit, a few times.

I am not sure if the oil top up I put in had any effect on this or if this is independent of the oil.

Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks for your help.