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Originally Posted by templarklimek View Post
I provide 35 combat vets good paying jobs. Why not replace them with cheap foriegn labor and an extra 250K in my pocket.
That is a great thing that you are doing as the government sure as hell isn't doing it's part in taking care of veterans.

Yup, i must be a real jerk to want a company to create good paying jobs in the country in which they sell that product to.
Well to be honest the purposed Mexico plant isn't producing cars for US consumption only. As mentioned it's producing cars that will eventually be exported worldwide. If BMW saves a few pesos by building inferior cars in Mexico it will eventually come back to bite them so go ahead and let them. As American car companies know it is easy to save a couple dollars but extremely difficult to salvage a brand.

Has white guilt/anti-west become so mainstream that we can't even look after own own counties best interest? YES I want those good jobs here, YES I'm looking after my own interest. Just like the guy from Mexico on here. He wants those jobs for his people.
To start, I'm not white nor do I harbor anti-west sentiments, I was born in the US and this is the only country I'd want to live in. Similar to yourself of course I'd like it if BMW built a new plant in the US as it would not only benefit me but the country as a whole. However, the point I'm trying to get across is that often times people in the US have this perception that we own everything and that others "owe" us. The government and we as Americans got ourselves into this recession not BMW, BMW doesn't owe the American people anything, they have no obligation to create more jobs in the US so I'm not going to be angry if they decide to build a plant somewhere else.

As you said it yourself BMW is a for profit company meaning they don't have to be charitable. You have the right to not buy their cars if you feel that the quality of their Mexican made cars are not up to par and I suggest others to do the same. But as others have mentioned the cars will mostly be made by robots so the quality should be the same no matter which country it is being produced in.

In the grand scheme of things if BMW produces their 1 & 3-series in Mexico the average buyer would never notice the difference, your typical BMW owner would never read the sticker that clearly labels where their car is made even though it's visible every time they get in to drive their car.