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Exhaust Tailpipe

Two things that can ruin the freshly detailed look of a vehicle; dirty glass or exhaust tips; the exhaust tips can sometimes make or break the rear view of an otherwise pristine vehicle. Spray down the inside and outside of the tips with P21S® Total Auto Wash or P21S® Polishing Soap, allow to remain in place, it will to start break down the grime. To clean the outside parts of the exhaust use either a Mini E-Z Detail brush (they are perfect for cleaning the areas between dual-tips) or an old micro fibre used strictly for dirty jobs and Optimum Metal Polish.

Wipe down the (inside and outside) exhaust tips to remove initial carbon deposit and any water ‘spots’ using P21S Total Auto Wash and a micro fibre towel. Polish using P21S® Polishing Soap (not intended for use on painted, clear coated or anodized surfaces) and/or Optimum Metal Polish and a terry cloth towel on the insides of the tips

Now move on to the outside of the tips once again with Optimum Metal Polish and an older microfiber towel that is no longer used for the painted surfaces, ensure to polish with the grain. Finish Kare FK1000P or Zoopseal are ideal choice as protection as they are both designed to withstand high temp and are extremely durable.

For really stuborn stains use a metal polish (Optimum Metal Polish) and wool a 3M™White Scotch-Brite™ pad

Blue-Job Chrome and Metal Polish has a unique non abrasive, highly concentrated, powder formula, guaranteed to remove bluing and add a long lasting shine, without scratching or dulling the finish surface. Blue-Job will leave your product brilliant, clean, dry and more resistant to future bluing or tarnishing.

Note: The inside of some vehicles exhaust tips are painted with a matte black heat resistant paint, do not use wire or bronze as this will remove the paint. This type of finish can be renewed by cleaning them well, and spraying High Temp Flat Black (Matte) Satin Paint that is available from an auto store (Dupli Color)