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In the coming weeks Iíd like to install an MS8 in an F30 and thought I double check with you if my understanding on the below configuration is right. I guess there is not much difference between F30 and E90 in terms of factory components and cabling, so I hope you could help.

Car is leased company car, and I donít want to spend lots of money on something which is not mine but Iíd like inproved sound. Therefore Iím installing only the components I already have right now as Stage 1, and in case Iím not too happy with the result, I might consider adding something better.

Car has Professional Radio as standard and only Base Audio (6 speakers) with no amp.

Stage 1:

I want to use Polk Audio Dxi400 coaxial set in front and rear doors as I already have them left from other installs. I also want to keep the stock underseat woofers. Addition to this, there will be only the MS8, driving all 6 speakers.


- Iív seen examples on forums connecting the MS8 on both High Level (808Mguy on and Line Level Inputs (many others here). I need to keep PDC beeps and stuff, and for Speaker Level connections I guess I need to use Y adapter for combining Front and Rear wires going to CH1 and CH2 on MS8. High Level Input could accept all 4 wires from Head Unit I think. Which method would you guys recommend?

- Some says HU needs recoding to HiFi, while others leave it as Stereo. I can change the configuration in E-Sys software, but actually Iím not too sure if it would really take place or the HU would just ignore this and remains in Stereo. Should I bother with recoding?
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- I have a generic 1:1 quadlock extension, where Iím planning to cut speaker wires and bring them to the MS8. Front and Read door wires from MS8 output channels will reconnect back to the quadlock, while I guess for the underseat woofers I need separate wiring. Is this the right understanding?
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- Turn-on signal for MS8. Would I get it from the quadlock too? Is a source availble there on any wire? I have also factory installed +12V socket in trunk, could that be an option?

I think that would be it for now, any help and advise wuld be great. Thanks, Gabor