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Originally Posted by robc1976 View Post
Idle is perfect!! I had a stuck open injector and they replaced it and it purrs like a kitten....well......growl like a tiger gas smell is gone, stumble/jolt in idle is gone, stumbling/ long start with sputtering is gone, slight rattle after starting is gone (thought it was the waste gates). Horse power is crazy now instead of falling on its face.

Hope ths helps!! It didn't help the 5.0 mustang I schooled lol!!
Sounds like i have something similar to you. I have been smelling gas lately and thats when the rough idle started. Getting ready to do valve cleaning and plugs this weekend along with clean all my sensors. I will post back to see how that goes, if not then i will do some resets. If all else fails, the car is going to Active Autowerkes then to warranty because this B.S. for a $50k car.