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Originally Posted by JHB335 View Post
Those are definitely some nice numbers.

I've had it now for almost a day. I only had the car for 7 days before I gave it back to them for 8, so my perspective got lost. It felt fast as hell before, feels fast as hell now.

How do I physically confirm that it's installed? They badged it all up under the hood but I still have my doubts when asking someone else to do the work. The exhaust burbles and pops 'a little bit' when downshifting, but it COULD have been doing that before and I just wasnt listening for it - it's fairly discreet from inside the car.

I did check this morning on a cold start, and for at least 30 seconds after it started it still had the left pipe closed. My understanding was that the PPK kept both pipes open all the time, is it different if its a cold start and its warming up?

Any opinions or ideas for verification of a correct install?

Overall I am pretty pleased. I purchased a CPO XI with sport but not the 18 inch wheels, and I got them to put in the oil cooler free of charge so they could install the PPK.
You only have this burble when you have the PPK

No it will not open valve left! But you can do that manually
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