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Originally Posted by ScottishBeemer View Post
Im trying to fit and M-sport Steering wheel to my non sport E90. I just cant get the airbag to pop out!!!!!
I've put the screw driver in the slits but cant find the the realise catch!!!!
I take it its different for non sport models?

Can somebody please help me and stop me losing my sanity!!!!
Sorry to hear about your frustration, but all I can say is "Patience grasshopper, patience...".

Try to "feel" around in there and hold the airbag with one hand pulling on it just a bit to see if you are on the right spot.
Also, look at the pictures of the steering wheel with the airbag out and you should see where you want to hit. Look at your own new wheel and see where the screwdriver goes in. It should be against the back of the steering wheel to hit the clip, if not, you'll just go over it.

Hope this helps.
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