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Lots of time and money invested to investigate deceleration smoke problem

So i spent a good amount of time and money to have my car diagnosed to figure out what is causing smoke during decel. I took it to 2 indys, and a shop that specializes in turbo vehicles. After all of the time and money spent, no one can seem to find what the problem is?? First we tried with the OCC on and off. Then cleaned out the PCV. Then had the intake valves cleaned. Then checked the turbos for any sign of leakage or damage. SO after all of this diagnosis and stuff, everything looked great. There were no signs of leaks at all. So i guess this smoke during decel will remain a mystery.

Do you guys have any experience or thoughts on this?

PS- i also get some smoke after some WOT pulls, then stops after a bit..

MODS: JB4, DCI, AR OCC, PLM downpipes, ETS Intercooler, and secondary cats removed.