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Originally Posted by Fraggy View Post
You changed your post a lot while responded .
I do that a lot as I think of additional points.

Originally Posted by Fraggy View Post
You changed your post a lot while responded .
My leaders are imbeciles who don't have balls. They'd rather provide government funded services in Spanish than force immigrants to learn English. I called 911 a couple years ago and had to wait an extra 30 sec to get to an operator because they chose to repeat the entire message Spanish. WTF is that all about?

I wonder if the message is repeated in English in other countries while you lay dying waiting to speak to an operator.

So please dont quote my leaders as have brains or "knowing better" when it comes to dealing with Mexico.
I am sorry about your 911 experience and hope you are ok. Maybe the Spanish message helped save a few lives some times. Do you think that just because someone doesnt speak English he or she deserves to die? I get the point about the 30 seconds delay though endangering most callers. Maybe a simple and quick "Presione 2 para Español" would be better. But I disgress.

Many places in the world have special consideration for the English language as well. Just go to Cancun. Or Jamaica. You get the idea.

It seems to me that you are very angry about several illegal immigration-related issues and that makes you similarly angry towards Mexico in general. That is an entirely different debate and quite emotionally charged. I don´t live in San Diego or a similar place with lots of immigrants so I´ll avoid discussing that.

In any case, this kind of thing (the BMW plant announcement) is basically all good both for the U.S. and Mexico. We would both get additional jobs compared to the current situation (no BMW plant) and some of those would help mexicans stay in Mexico which is what I think both you and I want.

On your previous post about avoiding BMW because of other decisions they have made (EPS, FWD, whatever) as an enthusiast I tend to agree. But as long as the M cars stay good they´ll keep me as a customer. I am just trying to make a point that the Mexico plan should not influence that decision at all. But that is of course your call as preferences are always subjective.

Finally, your leaders in government are democratically elected so one can only think that their decisions - in general - represent the majority view.
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