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Not sure how I feel about the original post. There is definitely a lot of racism in this thread and I'm surprised moderators haven't been stepping more here..

I would like to mention though that I have read that in Mexico the 48 hour labor law is rarely observed or enforced due to loopholes in their government... While in Germany they observe a work week of less than 40 hours. Based on this observation and other problems within Mexico regarding labor I would wager that the build quality of the average car assembled in Germany would be better than in Mexico.. Would this difference be big? Or even significant? Who knows. Of course BMW should, as a good company, be able to regulate these things, however I believe history would show that big business tends to fall short here. This is a lot of speculation here from me though as this is definitely not at all my area of expertise. Perhaps someone could shed some more light on this..

Edit: on a side note, I don't know about any of you, but I have no interest in buying a FWD car anyway, so this doesn't really concern me.