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How did I afford mine? Well...After I graduated high school I started going to community college part-time, a class here and there, nothing big. I worked full-time (and over-time) at my family's restaurant as a cook/server for about two years. Saved up all my tips, etc...I drove a 2005 Honda Civic that I got brand new. I wanted to upgrade and get a BMW, so I lurked on the internet for months trying to find a decent deal on a new one. Then, one late night, on Feb. 2, 2008 as I was headed home from a friend's dinner party an uninsured, unregistered, suspended license, racing, drunk driver (3rd DUI) sped into my lane hitting me head on as I tried to counter-steer. Car was totaled, luckily came out alive along with my passenger because of my maneuver and the culprit was later apprehended hiding in the nearby vineyards cuz he ran. Received settlement for the car, hospital costs, chiropractor, etc...I had free time on my hands once more and took to the internet to search for my beauty. Patience and lady luck were on my side this time as I came across an '07 328i w/less than 500miles on it. My dad went to check the car out with me and was reluctant to get the car, but then he was convinced and he co-signed with me. I payed my down payment in cash $1000 in One Dollar bills, $1000 in 20 Dollar bills and $500 in 100 Dollar bills! I still remember the look on the face of the lady that had to count the money hahahaha We've been happily married since Feb 19, 2008 and going strong
2007 Jet Black E90 328i
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