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Threshold braking/emergency braking


I need some help...

I have a question about braking at "high" speeds - say around 160 km/h. I try to do regressive braking, i.e. get on the brake as hard as possible at the start, and slowly release towards the corner/obstacle.

My question is, if I stomp on the brakes, I reach maximum braking force as soon as possible, however the car shivers and starts to slide a bit - it feels unsettled. However, if apply the brakes more smoothly, I do not reach maximum braking force as soon as before, however the car tracks straight.

Which method will stop me faster?

Second, with the "stomp" method, I feel like ABS activates way too soon. With the "smooth" method, the ABS seems to activate later.

Also, the faster you go, the less downforce you have (our cars create lift, v.s. M3 which creates downforce). Does this come into play? Does it mean that the faster I go, the less I can apply the brakes at the start?