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There is something that changed in the CAS module thats not allowing the top to go up....

I compared CAS trc files and what I saw that I think might need to look into is this new script on OP Cas trc that I didnt have on mine..

FH_RELEASE_TOP_ZWSTLG script that was set to nicht_aktiv, change this line to aktiv
I wonder if I changed it, it would allow the lock on the trunk to enable top to go back.

WHen I press the lock button on the key fob, I did hear like a click noise but then nothing happened...What I believe is that the trunk has some type of locking device which needs to be opened to allow the trunk to raise and close...Can someone try this line on the CAS module to see if it works??? There were about 10 scripts lines that were added to the OPs CAS module that mine did not have...Out of all of them this one looked promising, so someone please try this and get back to me..

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