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So i had this same problem. i tried a few remedies and with some $ now have it fixed knock on wood... First time i noticed the smoke is when i had put a half of quart too much oil in the car, low oil light came on so it put in a 2 quarts instead of the 1 and a half. The next day i notice smoke on WOT and decel (usually at a light i would see smoke fly pass me) After a week or 2 i decided to change my oil and put in a 6 quarts, to no avail. Then i took off the riss racing occ still nothing. I put it back on and it started to smoke more consistently but was catching oil, go figure... i wet out and bought a BMS occ and boom no smoke... I felt like a champion until 2 days later the smoke came back but much much less. it wasnt on decel( you could smell it tho just not see it) any more just wot and not as thick with. One day after i did a compression and leak down test, i had left the oil cap off and closed the hood( got distracted by a phone call) came out the next morning locked the hood and took the car out, to say the least I left a trail of smoke a mile long but it wasnt blue immdiately lost it, cursing, kicking the curb, sat down and wonder what was wrong and y things were getting worse. popped the hood and there was the oil cap on the cowl.... lol tightened it and smoke was gone.... so a few weeks passed by no smoke then one day out of the blue my nephew was driving behind me and called me to tell me the when i switch gears a puff of smoke come out of the drivers side exhaust told him it was normal and not to worry about it. we come to a light and look what we have here another cloud of smoke. So i decided to do the only thing left which was replace the turbos(had wastegate rattle anyway) Now I can finnaly say ITS GONE!!!! (knock on wood)

P.S. spent a good amount of money tho. lol

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