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Well I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII, and a BMW 335 E92 with bluetooth, from 2007-12 (manufactured). I have all the latest software in my car (done in May this year, so maybe some software has been released since then, but more or less everything is up-to-date in the car for the moment).

It connects, and downloads all contacts, handsfree works and so on.

However if I then, for example, leavs the car, and lock the doors - go away for a say 10 minute walk - comes back, starts the car, and I can see that the SIII reconnects, signalstrength and so on. However all contacts are now gone from the car, but stil available in the mobile phone.

Solution is to disable bluetooth on the SIII, and re-enable bluetooth. After this the phone reconnects, and everything works.

Until next time I leave my car... Then I have to stop and restart bluetooth on the Galaxy SIII to get the contacts back online in the car/iDrive.

Do observe that I can stil answeer (no matching on phonenumbers though) incomming calls and speak thru handsfree/bluetooth. But I can NOT get any contact information (or number matching on incomming calls) from the cars phonebook (or should I say, from the mobile downloaded contacts into the cars phonebook).

Something get's wrong in the SIII after it looses the connection to the car, and when it reconnects, for some reason the contacts are not downloaded correct or something...

By the way, my HTC Desire and my Sony Xperia S both works perfectly - it's just the Samsung Galaxy SIII that only partly works.

One question though: Does anyone know if and from which year the rSAP (remote SIM Access Profile) might work ? Could I get it working on my 335 ?