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Originally Posted by vwong View Post
How flexible is BMWCCA to move people up to different group during the day? Do you have a tech sheet showing what needs to be checked by the technician? And can I go to any shop? Or do you specify certain shops for the tech inspection?
Not in a one day format. It's more likely if it's a 2 day format. sometimes we'll see 2-4 people moved up or down the next day if it's a 2 day-er. But if you're REALLY stuck in a group that's cramping your learning curve, and the instructor agrees? It's been done before. Not often, but it's been done.

Of course, it would be a lot easier if you list the number of events attended and accurately and honestly assess your skill level, and every effort will be made to place you in your proper run group. The only exception to that is the A+ group, where you MUST have had prior Pacific Region BMW CCA HPDE experience and has a recommendation from prior BMW CCA instructor or has attended A+ run group with us before.

The tech-form will be uploaded before the end of the week, and will likely be hosted on the Club Haus section of the old website. There's a list of recommended shops on the same page, but you can take it to any qualified mechanic for inspection.
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