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i read my CIC module using ncs expert and noted the CIC.CXX file (could be different different depending on your car, mine used CIC.C08)i dissasembled the CIC.C08 file and edited it using NCS Dummy. i then reassembled it and overwrote the one in my daten/e89 folder. afterwards i used the trace editor function of ncs dummy and edited the Nettodat.trc file in my work folder. i then saved it as using ncs expert i used the basic function "coapiCodeSgNettoData" to write the edit CIC.C08 and edited file i made back to the car.

The V2 of the DIY says to leave the CBD name alone which mine was using CIC.C0D for some reason instead of CIC.C08 which it used when i first read my CIC, that is where it went wrong the first time around.