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Originally Posted by darkw1sh View Post
HATE THE SQUEEKING BRAKES dealer told me its from hillside assist which apparently stays active until 18 mph
This sounds very plausible.

I've noticed the sound is present at low speed, then once you get past a certain speed the sound disappears. Almost like the caliper is keeping the pads on the rotor/disc at low speed, then releases once you hit a predetermined speed. Maybe it's a safety feature, or a flaw in some software. I always had a suspicion it was something to do with the stability/anti skid, or even the ABS system. Or, it's the emergency brake system - which i know nothing about.

Also, and this should be made clear to others who are reading this thread, the noise is present when you aren't applying the brakes. Maybe i'm completely wrong and dont understand brakes, but i dont think bedding them is going to do anything for this problem.

The problem is a squeal while NOT applying the brakes... and the bigger question of why is the brake pad, on the right rear wheel only, touching the rotor at low speed, and only when the car has been driven for awhile? I assume some safety feature is keeping the pad very close to the disc, and after driving a bit, the disc heats up, expands, and rubs against the brake pad at low speed due to some feature.

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