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Finally getting to do some cool stuff now. I've never done any type of fab work, so I'm proud of this. They no longer make baffled oil pans for ABA's, and since I plan to track this car it is necessary. Lucky for RabbitPusher and I, Peter@Road-N-Race has one. He let Rabbit pusher borrow it to make a template, and we bought some sheet metal and got to work.

Used a plasma cutter

Baffles and Windage Track (Still going to be cleaned up)

Mock up

Going to head over to RabbitPushers house now and let him Weld it up.

Also Received My turbo today, a Fedex literally is pulling into my driveway as I type with my manifold.

Precision 6266 T3 .63 A/R SP Cover

034 Manifold

I'm getting really pumped now, hopefully we'll be putting the motor in tonight.

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