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Post VAC: Super Sale! 335i,135i OS Giken LSD Equipped Performance Built Differential

Hey guys, it's time for a Super Sale For now, this sale is limited to 5 units. As you might imagine these are not exactly growing on trees, and production has been a bit backed up at OSG in Japan. No worries, we have them in stock. We also have a few 3.08 low mile welded cores in stock which means we can kick this off quickly.

VAC Performance Built Differential with OS Giken Super Lock LSD

Sale Ends: When all 5 units are sold!

Welded core: $2,799 (insane $275 savings!!)

Bolted core: $2,599 (awesome $150 savings!)

Learn what fits your car and place order here
Note: Your car has either a welded or bolted differential. ALL product and application information can be found in the link above to ensure you choose the proper unit. PLEASE CLICK THE ABOVE LINK AND READ

Additional Detail:
Click here to see how we build these differentials in house

Click here to see a detailed OS Giken Super Lock listing

Why do you want an OS Giken Super Lock LSD?
Improved acceleration, traction and stability. OS Giken manufactures one of the worlds best Clutch-Type LSDs available. Fully progressive with 100% locking capability, no break-in, extremely long life and nearly completely-silent. This is the ultimate way to put power to the ground for those that have a more aggressive driving style, or who are setting up a competitive car.
Not only do you get the advantages of acceleration, but the clutch type LSDs are available with different locking profiles for different driving styles. This makes them great for the high speeds of road racing and track use.
OS Giken's Super Lock is not just for racing, its also found its way into BMW, Porsche and AMG street cars around the world for its exceptional street mannerisms and quiet performance. All of this extra traction can also have improvements in low grip conditions like snow or rain.
  • Exceptionally long life
  • Maximizes traction and minimizes wheel spin
  • Excellent for drifting, road racing or street driving
  • Super quiet even though it uses clutch plates
  • Made in Japan
  • Used in many high-profile championship wining vehicles of the past decade
What does a Clutch-type Limited Slip differential like an OS Giken do?
Through clutch plates with internal mechanisms, a clutch type LSD applies load to both rear wheels and aids in powering the car forward when the wheels are turning at different rates, or when acceleration off the line. As with powerful cars, taking advantage off all the traction available from a standing start and in the corners is important, however- clutch type LSDs for BMWs are setup with some locking affect on deceleration as well: when entering a corner, this load and balance of traction helps to increase the stability of the car when coming in at high speed improving confidence and safety. This leads to faster cornering potential. This is what Japanese companies refer to as a 1.5 way LSD, and is excellent for everything from daily drivers to all out competition vehicles.

VAC Tips:
-We have run a OS Giken Super Lock HARD in our daily driven and often tracked 135i with absolute success. We have had a stock unit, Wavetrac and Quafe ATB in this car and we all agree that the Super Lock is the unit for the person looking for max performance with no compromises in the NVH dept. Clutch type units really put the power down.
-We have sold dozens of these to other 135i and 335i owners with absolutely NO problems.
-The Super Lock is the best choice for those looking to get a diff that is a bit more serious than the much loved Quaife ATB.
-Additionally we have installed Super Locks in platforms other than E8x/E9x and they always perform flawlessly.

Why VAC?
VAC Performance Rear Differentials are built to last with the highest quality components, procedures, and technical expertise in the industry. We have been building BMW differentials since the 1980s - 2002, E46, E92, street, race - we have done it. We have been building various differentials for the last 40 years, so you can rest assured that the job will be done right the first time. Our BMW differentials are run in countless race series and by hundreds of street customers because our quality and options are unmatched. All is performed in our complete machine shop which ensures top qualify control. We do not have to worry about outsourcing it to a vendor who may or may not do the job properly. There will be no back log. We are proud of our process and we invite anyone to stop by the shop for a tour.

-There are NO frivolous refunds on Super Sale orders
-Only replacement of defective, or mis-shipped products are available
-Members cannot change ratios after product is ordered

We have a number of 3.08 cores already in house, so there will be no problems kicking this off properly.

5 units are in stock for immediate sale.

*note: since these are built to order there is an actual build time. We usually deliver in less than 2 weeks.


Teaser pics:

VAC Performance Build Differential with optional Billet Differential Cover
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