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Anybody need any 335 parts? I have a bunch of cosmetic stuff for sale. And a strut bar.

Also... I think I'm going to sell my wheels. I am really not seriously thinking about it, since I paid a fortune for them and they are three weeks old, so I don't want to take too serious a hit on the price.

TR Motorsports MT1 18x9 with Nitto NT05 245/40R18, square setup. I paid something like $2K or more for them, and more importantly, 18x9 is NO LONGER AVAILABLE - they've gone narrower. These are like 18lbs ea w/o tire, so they're as light as Ultraleggeras.

Here's what they look like on the car:

Once again... they are MINT (three weeks on the road, and the tires are essentially brand new, too), so I'm not certain I want to sell them and take a loss. Cash in pocket is nice, but I can't get wheels like this again, and everyone LOVES them. So I dunno.