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Originally Posted by JeffWarner View Post
@C.D.335xi -

I'm also interested in your response to the below comparing Super Sports to Pole Positions. Sorry, I can't PM you .. not enough posts.

C.D. sent me a PM on his response, I don't think he will mind if I post it here.

Originally Posted by C.D.335xi
Hey DaFish,

In aswer to your questions, I would offer the following comments:
  • Noise: to my ear the PSSs are quieter
  • Initial turn in: about the same
  • Mid corner grip: the PSSs are definitely better here
  • Max grip: As I haven't had the new tires on long enough, nor been in the right circumstances to test the limits of the PSSs, I can't give you any feedback.
  • Steering response: I would say that the 2 tires are pretty even, with a slight advantage to the PSSs

Bottom line, the old Pole Postions were a very good tire (I can't say anything about the new ones) but the PSSs are much more comfortable and better in most of the performance categories. Plus they should have better treadwear.

One thing I would say is that PSSs run wide. My rear wheels are ET33 and the PSS 275s would definitely rub if I was lowered (they are about 6-7mm wider than the Pole Positions were at their widest). On my stock xi sport suspension, I have not experienced any rubbing even during agressive driving. That said, I never have passengers in the rear seats and rarely carry anything in the trunk.

Originally Posted by DaFish
Hi C.D. I meant to put this in a PM, and I replied on the thread without thinking...

Just a bit more info on this if you wouldn't mind.

Ride is nice - great.
Grip is better - great.
Noise - will probably be less than the PP or the same, the PP was fine.

Compared to the Pole Position - How is the cornering:
1) Initial turn in
2) Mid corner grip
3) at the limit grip
4) steering response - did you find the steer response quicker than the PP if you wiggle the wheel back and forth?

Thanks in advance
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