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Originally Posted by wayne71 View Post
Evening all.

I'm considering taking my 335d over to Perth so was wondering if anyone could offer any advice/pitfalls.

I initially wasn't going to bother but looking at the price of cars over there plus taking in to account I wont actually be paying the shipping costs I'm now considering it. The fees for registration/tax etc would be payable by me but even so I would still be well in pocket (I think)

My concerns are that they don't appear to sell the 335d in Oz so was worried about any parts I may need and also wondering do they sell many diesels over there?

Any help or advice would be appreciated.
Hey Wayne, check out :

Page 1 of this is very good and you can post your car details to get their view.

I am planning on bringing over each a E46 and E92 M3 from the UK. But not till next year...I think the best way to think about it is that you will not lose money, then if you make any its a bonus.....

Another good read is here :

Bit old to start with but some recent discussions...

PM me if you want to talk further....