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Went to Autodrome St Eustache on Monday might with my better half to see if this place would make a good fit for her for her tracking debut. I was surprised. The place has changed from its packed dirt track layout of the 1970's and had been recently paved. There were at least 70 cars attending the event and Perry Auto was handling the event.

It was pretty much a young folks crowd, with the majority of the drivers in their early to mid twenties, zipping around in their modified Hondas and the likes. Some real good drivers too.

We were treated to a little bit of drama. A hopped up Exige S blew a gas or oil line in the engine bay and lit up like a flame ball as he tried to coax his car to the pits. I didn't get any pictures, but he is all righ. His car's rear end was burnt to a crisp before they were able to put him out. Not a total loss, but it will be a few bucks to put her right.

An interesting event for anyone wanting to dabble with performance driving events. I think a far superior start to what is offered at ICAR given Perry Auto's attention to instructor based driving.
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