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Originally Posted by muzzammil15 View Post
I don't have a set schedule as of right now, due to ramadan. I am in and out through out the day. Once ramadan is over I will be there in the morning, and in the afternoon on the weekends. You be surprised how many e90-e92's I see everyday. I know a lady with a e92 she bought over in the middle east and had it shipped here. I just thought that was cool.

Also we had mango, as of this week they took it out and brought in strawberry banana now. Mango was off the hook!!

Oh and I got me M3 side skirts!! Chhhhhheaaaaaaaa boieeeeeeeeeee!!
mango sounds'll have to let me know when they bring it back!

also you'll love the M3 skirts....really does transform the car for just being a skirt. i need to make some adjustments on mine...can't get the part towards the rear fender to stay clipped in all the way. i'm really picky when it comes to stuff on my cars...