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Very good summary Hack!

If I may suggest a comment, not only ABS is better than locked wheels, but it is also better than "shy driver afraid of the brakes". It appears from accident statistics that, on open roads, many accidents could have been avoided if the driver had used all the ABS available braking power, instead of pressing mildly the pedal and using only 60% of possible static friction braking. Said otherwise, the performance of on-off ABS is inferior but close (in the general case) to perfect static friction, and road conditions being unknown, vastly superior to human typical underestimation of perfect braking.

This is why it is good advice to do "rapid ramp up" with ABS on open roads, because it limits the typical pitfall of under-soliciting the brake. Now it is clear that on a racetrack, a competent driver that has made several runs already will do much better than ABS by applying the proper technique you described (btw this is what I had been taught as threshold braking - the constant pressure thing, I've never heard of this before as a proper technique).