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Originally Posted by michaelalex17 View Post
i'm not saying your not being legit, i mean are we sure that BMW is going to stand by this problem this time? because a month or so ago i got my hopes up about this and then they retracted it a few days later.
well, according to the SIB, there was a June SIB and this new July SIB. The July SIB says it will supercede whatever was said in the June SIB.

Now, in this SIB, July, it specifically says:
"All issues relating to the last-minute appeal have been resolved and the new effective date of the
settlement is July 11, 2012. The court-approved settlement provides the following relief to the
Settlement Class Members’ vehicles listed above."

So I guess both the defendents and the plantiffs have unanimously reached a settlement that is fair and BMW will provide "relief" starting after July 11, 2012.

I don't know if BMW can back out now. This is a court-mandated settlement.

So as you guys may not know, this specific warranty extension is a direct result of this lawsuit. It doesn't seem to be related to the "extra" 7 year/70k California emissions warranty for turbos for California residents.

The good news is, this applies to all 50-states. The bad news is the Canadians and Aussies are screwed on this. You're also screwed if you got the N55. Also, you are probably screwed on the 335iS even though it has a N54, but it was not listed as a qualified vehicle.