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2006 BMW 325i  [4.58]
Review: aFe Power Stage 2 Air Intake System w/ Pro Dry S

Recently purchased a new air intake. I didnt really need one as I felt the stock box with the charcoal delete and a K&N filter was adequate. However, I wanted something that would give the car a bit more growl when getting on it.

Install B+
Took me about 25 minutes to install this item. The most difficult part was the boot that fits over the throttle body. This boot is then attached to the intake elbow and tightened down. The issue comes from the boot being perfectly symmetrical and the throttle body has a plate next to its intake that makes the boot unable to go on all the way. I had to trim off about 2-3mm of the boot around this location to fit it correctly.

Product B+
Just as I stated above. If the unit's boot was perfect fit it would get an A. It is well made and durable. The rest of the intakes fittings fit snug and each of the bolts easily tighten down snug.

It is a sealed box intake (except for two smaller areas). Heat soak doesn't appear to be an issue.

Sound and Performance A
aFe claims 12hp and I believe 16ft.lbs. of torque. Upon first install the only noticeable difference is the sound. After 3 days and about 300 miles I can tell that the car is breathing much better on the top end. Lower to mid range feels as though it is unchanged.

The sound is what I really enjoy about this intake. I am running a stock muffler at this time. My car is/was quiet. With this intake my car sounds very similar to an e36 s50b30 (or s52b32). The car now growls and is very throaty. I really think that this is the best part of the intake.

Over all I give this a B+ product. It is a bit pricey. You can pick one up between $400 and $500. The sound is amazing. I will be doing a dyno run next week just for fun.

I have a youtube video of its sound loading, but my slow connection will be a while.