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Originally Posted by templarklimek View Post
This is the email I just sent BMW.

"It is very distrubing to myself and many other LOYAL american BMW owners that you have decieded to outsource your new production plant to mexico to avoid paying american wages but you intend to sell that product in an american market. I have bought 4 bmw/mini products in the last 3-4 years. Your loyal repeat buyers are aware of your build plans and are livid you intend to do so "on the cheap" Many of us will not be buying future BMW products if you can't even build them where you sell them. We know you cannot entirely build them all in every market but atleast build them in a 1st world country so we may make enough money to buy your products. If we only sell each other a cup of coffee or a hamburger who can afford to buy a 60kplus car. Please consider this in your thinking. Thank you for your time."

To the Mexican members of this forum. We don't fault you for wanting this factory. It would bring good paying jobs to you. Having said that we need those jobs as well. And as most of these cars would be sold to American/Canadian markets they should be built here. If they build them in Mexico I will not be buying another.

Thank you.
LOL. So why didn't you just buy an American made car in the first place; like a Chevy or a Ford?