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Republican Obstructionism

It has been asserted time and time again that during President Obama's first term, GOP leadership was more likely to obstruct anything his office tried to do rather than work with them on governing this country. Accusations of record filibustering by the republicans in the legislative branch, secret holds, the debt-limit chaos, etc. Yet when confronted with this notion, it is often passed off as a figment of imagination.

There is a new book out that professes that the number one priority of the republicans in the senate was to have no cooperation with the Obama Administration. Their reasoning was this would make the Obama presidency deemed a failure, and it would give them better chances of election in 2012. Basically putting their party well before the needs of this country. Vice President Biden has come out saying this is the case, as have a number of GOP senators. So unless all of these folks are lying, it's possible that this was actually the policy of the republican party.

Here is a serious question to all of you republicans here on this sub-forum. How do you feel about the Republican Party actively taking a position of party before country?

Biden: McConnell decided to withhold all cooperation even before we took office

If Obama Was For It, We Had To Be Against It