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Originally Posted by jgalaxy View Post
Lise was a little intimidated. I can understand. The way it is set up, it just seems way too busy and less polished than ICAR. But we both know that Carl runs the better operation and all things considered, ASE is the way to go. Even though, Lise did have the courage to go buy a helmet the next day and Carl helped her out. I also got new rubber as well. Third set this season ... Ugh.

I'll rent Sanair in September for Lise and we'll do a closed circuit session. She said she'd like that better. Happy wife, happy life, si?

On a BMW note:

BMW West Island opens up a fitness center. Not sure how that works, but that's what a cryptic email to their customer says. Perhaps you work out pushing cars around. You get a work out and BMW gets cheap labour.

lol bmw opens up a fitness center??? what the?

oh and if you do end up renting sanair in sept, any chance that i (and maybe others on this forum?) can share some of the costs with you and take my car there as well?

btw, good on Lise that she's brave enough to get onto the track. i havent convinced Leen to do the same yet. i am sure she will soon enough. just need to let her drive a car that she is familiar with.

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