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Originally Posted by montreal red View Post
lol bmw opens up a fitness center??? what the?

oh and if you do end up renting sanair in sept, any chance that i (and maybe others on this forum?) can share some of the costs with you and take my car there as well?

btw, good on Lise that she's brave enough to get onto the track. i havent convinced Leen to do the same yet. i am sure she will soon enough. just need to let her drive a car that she is familiar with.
Yeah, fitness centre. Go figure. Just picture ... jogging around the car bays. Aerobics to the beats of pneumatic tools. Yoga by the finance department and weights in the parts department ... I can see it now

Lise should have more fun this way. Closed track and less pressure. We may even have an instructor or two there with us ...

I'm aiming for this Tuesday at Sanair, so I'll give you shout on Monday to confirm.
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