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Originally Posted by jgalaxy View Post
You know I'm just poking fun. Shit happens as they say. I saw a few videos of the new layout. Looks much faster. I'll miss the Ses that they pulled out.

I gleefully said adios to mine. Could wait to unload it, although I would have preferred keeping the KWv3s.

The guy I bought the M3 also had a rough time saying good bye. Instead of signing over his regi and bidding me shalom, he asked to come to the motor vehicle dept with me when I picked up my temp sticker. He almost had tears in his eyes. He even went over to the car and hopped into the car one last time (I had the keys ...). Odd fellow.

How you enjoying the R? Broken in yet?
lolollol I know. I'm poking fun at you. As they say in one language ... bad votes always blame the size of their balls

R is broken in. Mods started. APR is on. Turbo lag though ... quite a bit more pronounced than the 335. have to learn how to keep the boost up!