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Originally Posted by MTL Bimmer View Post
I remember that day when you went and picked it up. I guess I had my eyes on it from the beginning loll

Thanks bro, Im really enjoying it and I really hope I get lucky with it. But look at it this way, you can still see it whenever You want
Congrats on the new ride - just to let you know we will all strangle you if you out 20s on it. You've been warned.

Originally Posted by jgalaxy View Post
Sweet. How much more juice does she produce?
With no supporting mods I'm at 300 +/- about 2hp based on their people's dynos. The intake will add another 7% and the eventual upgraded HPFP and downpipe should be another 30-40, so with luck once I'm done with everything I'll have about 90hp above stock. Not bad for a little car.