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Originally Posted by Pseudo Nim View Post
Damn and I was just about to post "here we go with your reading skillz again" but you edited the post APR has several stages - the base one just bumps up the power curve; stg1+ bumps it up more; and stg2 widens the power band. They also have a stg4 which is something like 500hp, But I think that's a bit insane.

Also, with the GTI you need to remove the ECU to flash.... But with this one, it's an OBD-II flash. Quite awesome. But no hand held tool so I'll have to go back to the shop to reflash... at least Avo is a cool dude to chat with.

I predict Fahad will drive it downtown and back
500HP? Nuts. The engine wont support twice the power output without substantial engine mods (crank, heads, valves, cams). I'd love to see that.

But 40 HP/TQ over stock is nice.
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