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UPDATE: well I went to the beach today and this guy decided to snake my parking spot after circling around for 45min and my blinker clearly on, no exaggeration. My friend who i was with went to go to speak with this guy as he tries to fix his parking and nicely convinces him to let me park there as he complains on how he is late to work etc. I go to the beach finally for around 4 hrs. to come find that my new csl trunk, rear right quarter panel and back right door is KEYED. My friend remembered the guy who took my spot saying where he worked and we quickly headed over. We managed to find him and confronted him. He claimed to have no clue on what happened. We left the store and told him that we were going to call the cops over and waited on the corner. A minute later he came running out and decided to have a chat with us. He still denied it until we caught him slipping in one of his "statements" He finally admitted to us that it was him and we exchanged information. I didn't call the cops due to charges of vandalism that he would face if I did. Lets all hope that he sticks to his word and pays for everything. Back to LTBMW I go...