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It just felt like a race against time. They started the final prepping about 10am and the temps were still a little cool. They ran the surfacing machine, then had a few full slick cars lay down some rubber, then they started allowing everyone else on the track.

I am not bitching about their procedure, because they know what they are doing and it works, but the temps were climbing by the minute at that point. A friend told me that my best time would likely be my first run (if I did not mess it up) and he was right, the temps (car and ambient) are the lowest on the first pass and both go up quickly from there. Many guys were waiting 30 minutes between runs to allow the cars to cool down, but the day was getting hotter too. Might try an afternoon T&T and see if the temps drop fast enough to allow the car to cool better between runs, or better yet, a Winter test.