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Some Pics of the ride lowered - picked up this evening and had a 30mile journey home to get a good feel for it. I have to say, as MUCH as I have fallen in love with the look, I can't seem to get round thinking this is the ride quality I'll have to put up with now! :-(

Firstly, it's too Low for me and secondly coming from an SE to this, it's a MASSIVE change so its very low for me and stiff. I plan to get it raised from all 4 corners and play with the damper settings to make it more comfortable. I think I'm also going to look for new rims with NON RFTs :-( That or I just stick my OE springs back on and be happy with them! It's not the coilovers themselves actually, its the height n it's settings! It's the lowest car I've ever been in so I'm bound to feel the change!

Its just far too low for me esp roads I'm on, I had to go sideways on some bumps and It's not so practical but what do I do? I don't fance spending Massive dosh on new Rims n NonRFTs.. but I also don't want to lose the dropped 'look'.. I'm only after something near the M Sport droppage, maybe a TAD TAD bit lower but we're talking micro mm here.

Don't know what to do.. Should I keep the Coils little longer, raise and adjust damp settings for more comfort and still have it lower than SE or stick the SE stuff back on --------help!??

Just a couple quick iPhone pics and BIG props to the person who fit these on such short notice as he knew I wanted it before Gaydon.. thanks Dips (EvoT forum sponsor / PBMW mod).

Comments welcome
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