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Originally Posted by Tyso335 View Post
hmmm what you reli need is se shocks then lower springs, i think m sport as you say is nerli there just abit lower, im not sure what the eibach sports springs lower it to exactly i no some one on here put them on his m sport and said it didnt look any different, as they are fitted now i would raise it up abit to make it practicle and see if you can get used to the stiff ness and teeth chattering, if not swap them bac and just get some sports spring n you get it abit lower)
Yeah you're referring to ISH who put Eibach springs but they're v dependent on car engine size. His is 2lt so the front end isn't v heavy which means barely any drop. ON the 335x ESP the D's it does drop but not as low as mine has. I can get used to 'teeth chattering' but not the scraping which is what it's doing now! ;-( I'll raise it up and get it aligned mid week as haven't had a chance to align and stick with that a couple of weeks to see how I feel. If still not good, I'll rethink and put the coils up for sale and you can get 1st or 2nd dibs depending on whether the other person wants to buy lol. Can you hang on a few weeks for them IN CASE I do decide to sell em on?
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