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Originally Posted by P 5UML View Post
hey bro!
looks awesome decked! lol

the ride quality is defo a bif difference from stock but as tyso said its the price of the visual gains you get!

leave it is it is for a couple of weeks especially for gaydon! in the meantime order the tool you need to adjust it (i think it was missing which is why your car is proper decked at the moment) lol and then after gaydon have a play with the settings...give it a month or so and see how you feel about it after that!

Hey mate,

Sorry I couldnít meet you yest. I needed to get home quickly after a long day out and only got home for 10 so yeah. The ride quality is crap To be frankly honesty and thatís down to two things:

1. RFTs
2. Slammed!

Iím going to raise the car on Wednesday and probably go 30mm all round or so (couldnít be adjusted as the guy I bought off accidentally forgot to include the spanners Ė itíll be on itís way today as Iíve spoken to him now) as this is just way too low Ė I scrapped in my own drive and itís flat as piece of paper LOL.

I donít think Iíd want to leave it this low even for Gaydon man, itís just too low and I wonít be able to keep up with you guys on the way UP lol! Canít go too fast incase I go over a pothole or some sh*t and that would ff everything up hahah. If I leave it till after Gaydon, then Iíll have to wait till weekends to take it back to Dips as Iíve NO CLUE on how to adjust the ride height although I have a local chap who could show me.

If this is the price I have to pay for visuals, Iíd rather have it back up, not look the nuts but actually enjoy the ride and not have to calculate which angle to approach a speed bump the height of my ankle LOL. Man I sound OLD but I guess thatís just me. Even tho I wanted it lower, Iíd rather stick to subtle low not slammed Ė as IMO subtles ones generally the best ones. So a subtle drop, some subtle changes and then Iím good to go.

I donít want to throw my savings on a car so donít want to over do things LOL... just nice subtle things and thatís it haha.
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